About the Nerd

The Gorgeous Nerd is a blog addressing people with a general interest in life science. Even though diseases, drug development and genetical engineering are severe topics, the biology of our body is a playground of oddities and research can be surprisingly entertaining. And sometimes, scientists need a grim sense of humor just not to go crazy…

Talking about crazy scientists: I am one! My name is Ina Kirmes and I have a PhD in molecular biology. My main research focus is epigenetics, the regulation of our genes. But my interests are broad and I love browsing through the latest research findings always keeping my eyes open for odd ideas and funny conclusions. This blog helps me to connect two of my passions: science and writing.

Since ever, science is pushing forward into ethical grey zones and social No-Gos. Things, which were considered to be science fiction, became true within remarkably short time, like growing organs in tanks and babies in dishes. As The Gorgeous Nerd, I’m picking up high and old fashion issues of life sciences, flavor them with some individual taste and add a dash of humor:

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